Adrenal Lifestyle Protocol

In addition to taking supplements as prescribed by your doctor, Adrenal Fatigue must be treated by diet and lifestyle changes.

It is critical to reduce stress and avoid activities that raise cortisol. Certain foods, beverages, and lifestyle choices will raise cortisol- give you a small adrenaline rush- which will put additional burden on your weak adrenals. In order to let them heal you need to put as little demand on them as possible.

Supplements– Some supplements used to treat adrenal fatigue may interfere with sleep if taken in the afternoon or evening. Follow dosage instructions as provided.

Exercise- Avoid vigorous exercises but engage in regular exercise. Some examples of great adrenal exercises include walking, swimming, and yoga.

Eating- Raising blood sugar raises cortisol which exacerbates Adrenal Fatigue. For this reason, it is important to follow a low glycemic diet. This means eating more vegetables and protein and reducing carbs, starches, and grains. It is especially important to eat protein for breakfast. Ketogenic, low glycemic, or Paleo diet would all be good choices. It is OK and encouraged to salt foods to taste. Avoid all refined sugars and alcohol. Avoid allergens and food which irritate you. Consume plenty of healthy fats and eggs to provide raw materials for rebuilding adrenals.

Sleep- Adequate sleep is critical for recovery from Adrenal Fatigue. Get 7-8 hours per night and sleep in when possible. Most people with Adrenal Fatigue feel most normal at night. Do not stay up late. Get to bed by 10pm when possible.

Caffeine & Stimulants- Avoid coffee, soda, and all caffeine and stimulants (Green Tea is acceptable in reasonable doses). Caffeine and Stimulants tax adrenals.

Stress- Avoid stress and stressful situations. If you cannot avoid it then learn coping techniques. Consider seeing a therapist, taking up a new hobby, meditation, or breathing exercises. Try to engage in activities which make you feel good- laugh, and try to seek enjoyment in life.

Many people with adrenal fatigue crave activities, foods, and beverages which stimulate adrenal function. We crave the temporary normal feeling we get from small rushes. However, long term this exacerbates the problem. By making diet and lifestyle choices to avoid these we can help our adrenals heal.

For more information read “Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome” by James L. Wilson N.D., D.C., Ph. D.