HCl Challenge Standalone


burping | hiccups | reflux | foul breath | GERD | foul smelling stools | low B12/B9

| anemia | osteoporosis | leaky gut | gallbladder disease | and other chronic disease patterns

When using supplemental hydrochloric acid (HCl Support) for the first few times, please be sure to follow these directions carefully.

Always take this product immediately after the meal when your normal digestive processes have started.

Day 1: Take one HCl Support tablet at the end of each meal all day long.

Day 2: Take two HCl Support tablets at the end of each meal all day long.*

Day 3 – Day 7: Continue increasing by one HCl Support tablet per day, for each meal, until you feel a warmth in your stomach, or until you reach seven HCl Support tablets per meal. *

Do not take more than seven tablets per meal.

*When you experience the warming sensation in your stomach, reduce your dosage by one tablet.

NOTE: Drink 8 ounces of water with one tablespoon of baking soda if warming is uncomfortable.

IMPORTANT: This test should not be undertaken if there is gastritis or any recent history of gastric ulceration (stomach ulcers).