Hyperthyroid Protocol

Hyperthyroid Protocol

Patient Protocol

The following protocol is designed to enhance the ability of the mitochondria to produce energy. By increasing the ability of the mitochondria to burn fat, and thus produce energy, there is a calming effect for the overactive thyroid. The protocol below provides therapeutic levels of nutrients that increase the efficiency of the mitochondria, which in turn helps to calm down the over active thyroid and bring the elevated thyroid markers back into range.

What causes the non-autoimmune kind of hyperthyroidism?

Research consistently shows that the amino acid L-carnitine, along with CoQ10, taurine, magnesium and other vitamins, are essential for mitochondrial energy production. The problem is that individuals often do not have enough carnitine, and under stressful life conditions, a carnitine deficiency can develop. When this happens the thyroid attempts to make up for the lack of mitochondrial energy function by working harder, and harder, and harder. If the carnitine and related nutritional deficiencies are not corrected, an individual may develop hyperthyroidism as the body tries to produce more energy.

Specific nutrients to improve mitochondrial function and lower thyroid activity

1) Mito Recharge – 3 capsules BID

2) Cellular Energy – 2 capsules TID

3) Everyday Essentials Multi – 3 capsules QD