Ketone Values Protocol

Ketone Values Protocol

Ketones are molecules we release when we are in a fat burning state. When the body breaks down fat tissue to use it for energy, it creates ketone bodies which are used for fuel in our mitochondria. Therefore, we look at high ketones as a problem with inefficient mitochondria.

Individuals with severe diabetes may have extremely high ketones, but that is a rare thing to see in practice. Seeing high ketones on the OAT means you need to ask the patient about their diet and whether or not they are intermittently fasting. People who are eating a ketogenic diet will have high ketones, and people who are employing fasting in their daily routine to promote fat burning will also typically have high out-of-range ketones. However, you will find in many patients are not fasting intermittently and they do not eat a high fat diet, but they still have high ketones on the OAT.

What this means is that the patient you are working with has poor mitochondrial function and needs nutrition to support that system. Nutrients like CoQ10, Acetyl L-Carnitine and other antioxidants help the mitochondria work better and need to be incorporated to their nutrition plan in either Phase 2 or Phase 3 of the Beyond Genetics program.

Mito Recharge – take 3 capsules per day

Mito Recharge helps support energy production in the mitochondria needed for a healthy immune system, brain and heart health, and proper blood flow. Mitochondria are organelles found in every cell and are responsible for creating the majority of energy cells need to survive. The nutrients in Mito Recharge help organelles efficiently carry out their role in producing adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the energy currency of cells.

Clinical evidence and research show that the ingredients in Mito Recharge may:

  • Promote healthy cellular energy production
  • Support immune, heart, and brain health
  • Support blood flow and nitric oxide production
  • Promote healthy antioxidant status
  • Support healthy detoxification capacity