Low Progesterone Protocol


Patient Protocol

Before you start working on your hormones, you should ensure that your gut and digestive system are optimized from using the previous protocols.

The diet choices we make can have a large influence on our hormonal health. There is vast information available to explain the benefits of various diets, so we won’t get into much detail here. Basically, our only advice is to make sure you are avoiding xenoestrogens (artificial estrogens) in the food supply by eating organic dairy, butter, and meat. Avoiding conventionally raised meat, eggs, and dairy will help you avoid some of the worst toxic estrogens in the food supply. Also, it is important to eat local and organic food as much as possible. GMO and conventionally grown fruits and veggies have an enormous toxin load and should be avoided if possible.

Most of the toxins—herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides—used in farming act like estrogens inside our bodies. How can you have hormone balance if your body is constantly exposed to artificial hormones from your food? If your goal is hormone balance, you should be committed to purchasing and/or growing the best food possible.


*** The following Low Progesterone Protocol should be used in combination with the Low Cortisol Protocol. Both these conditions – low cortisol and low progesterone – share the same common root cause and they both respond to the same supplement regimen for adrenal support. These additional hormone support products help increase progesterone levels in addition to the support provided by the low cortisol protocol.***

Omega Pure EPA-DHA 500 – 2 capsules twice a day with meals. DHA is a key Omega-3 fatty acid that is found in high concentrations in the ovaries and sex organs in both men and women. Increasing DHA levels helps to increase hormone production naturally.

Chasteberry – 1 capsule twice per day with meals. Contains therapeutic levels of chasteberry herb to help reduce menstrual cycle symptoms such as pain, irregularity, and mood changes. Supports increased levels of progesterone and helps offset the negative effects of stress on the female endocrine system.

Essentials Multi w/ Iron – 3 capsules per day with meals. Provides comprehensive multi-mineral and multi-vitamin support for premenopausal women who may need additional daily iron support.