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  • Marsha

    November 29, 2023 at 11:15 pm

    My name is Marsha Meyers. I have 30+ years experience as a physical therapist and was certified as a functional medicine practitioner from the Institute of Functional Medicine in 2022. My WHY is to stop generational diseases and dysfunction. My mother died of lung cancer when I was 42 and my father died of renal cancer when I was 48. Both sides of my family have a strong history of cancer and I was always curious as to why that was. Cancer is ugly and devastating. It was very traumatic to watch my parents fade away from this disease. There was also strong neurotransmitter imbalance/depression in some family members that despite their superior intelligence….they could not cope well in life. My physical therapy background gave me basic tools to start investigating these issues. My own infertility and estrogen dominance caused histamine intolerance which led me to investigate methylation/MTHFR. It was very empowering to me to learn that we can override our genetics and ultimately thrive with good health both physically AND mentally. I want this for my family and for future generations as well as the patients in my practice.