• Dr. Andrew

    December 22, 2023 at 4:29 pm

    Zoom Link Recording: https://us06web.zoom.us/rec/share/OuWcbYKmh-n-VF27n7XlQFf92DwDfhSh8OC3-99ZU1XDTk1N3Pek1w7ltpqR_SNT.KslEav2w-BZzQRwZ

    1. When do you transition a patient with a severe Cdiff infection from SIBO killing herbs/GI Defend to a GI Restore product with methylated vitamins and amino acid support? Moving from an intense SIBO protocol, then to the decreased dosages of the SIBO protocol, then to a GI Restore type product?

    GENERAL RULE – observing rate of change, if patient presentation doesn’t change after a few weeks, you’ve likely seen all the benefits that are available from the protocol. When the rate of change slows down and there is less change from week to week, visit to visit, you have addressed all the low-hanging fruit, the lowest holes in the bucket so to speak.

    2. Adding in a methylated multivitamin and Lipoflow at the same time too much since they are both methyl donors and the patient has never been on any kind of methylation support?

    GENERAL RULE – we try not to feed infections while we strive to eliminate them. Methylation needs to be sublingual ideally, to limit how much is absorbed further down where the bacteria is overgrowing; once patients complete their SIBO/SIFO/gut killing period…then you can go full speed with the rest of your methylated clinical tools.

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