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  • Suzanne

    February 14, 2024 at 3:02 am

    My name is Suzanne. I started my career as an RN, working mainly in oncology. I graduated as a chiropractor from Northwestern Health Sciences University in 1995. I started my own practice, but then sold it after 10 years to work for in onsite clinics taking care of employees in the workplace. I became very interested in nutrition and functional medicine early in my career, especially because I had chronic fatigue and other health problems that a very caring and dedicated instructor at Northwestern helped me with. Then my son developed an autoimmune alopecia at age 4, and the condition progressed a few years later when all of his facial and body hair fell out. Working with functional medicine, and especially with help from Bob Rakowski, this progression was reversed, although he never recovered his head hair since so much time had passed by then. Through continuing education and mentorship under a naturopath, I attained certification as a naturopath. A few years ago, I graduated with a Masters in Nursing and am now an adult-gerontology nurse practitioner. I continue to have a love for learning and especially in the area of functional medicine. I’ve not yet found a good way to tie it all together to have a more systematic approach to working with clients, and I’m looking forward to this coursework to help me with that. As I wind down my career, at this stage my overall “why” is to help myself, family, and friends live functionally healthy lives, without dependence on medications and medical interventions from a broken system.