• Marsha

    June 28, 2024 at 12:36 am

    I do not like the term “circle back” lol but needing some clarification from the OAT I submitted last week. You recommended:

    Fungal protocol, Mito Recharge, Cellular Energy, glutathione, NAC, ALA, and Bone Support.

    I saw this patient this week for her OAT results and treatment plan. She is not good; frail, difficulty walking, cannot sleep, resting tremor in dominant hand. She has difficulty tolerating supplements and will only agree to taking one new thing at a time. Very fixated on her reactions to ANYTHING.

    I do not think she can tolerate the SIBO/SIFO detox protocol at the current time due to being extremely weak. She lives in a 1908 farmhouse which has been treated for mold in the ductwork in February 2024. I started her on HCL, Pan5X, vitamin D, and glutamine powder. Mito supplements but NutriDyn out of stock on Mito Recharge.
    Bone Support, Stress essentials relax, and sulforaphane for oxalates.

    Is it OK wait on the gut protocol and treat everything else or are her mito problems due to mold? Order of treatment in this situation?