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Appendix C

Dr. Andrew July 18, 2023

Supplement Ordering Instructions

We use nutritional supplements every day in our practice. Because there are so many supplement companies from which to choose, it can get very confusing as to which product to use. As with any industry, the advertising and marketing slogans makes it difficult to separate the really good companies from the average ones. The companies listed here have passed our test; we use these exact products in our office every day with often miraculous results.

I have listed for you each company that I referenced in the protocols throughout this book. In a perfect world, I would have large warehouses all over the country and ship these from one location. With that said, we do offer our patients access to all the products we use in our office. The one hurdle is that patients must purchase products separately from each company versus having them sold from one website or store (unless you visit us in person).

The information that follows is intended to give you access to the top tier of nutritional supplements, so you can have the best chance of optimizing your genes and changing your life.

Elixinol Hemp CBD Oil

Elixinol Hemp Oil is the brand of CBD we have used with great success in our practice. Simply navigate to http://www.elixinol.com/ to purchase this product and it will be shipped directly to your front door.


Nutridyn offers state of the art, pharmaceutical grade supplements that helps address today’s complex health challenges. Nutridyn batch tests every single raw ingredient they test every batch, every time, before it is processed into a supplement. I’m not aware of any other company that puts that kind of expense and effort into product quality. Nutridyn products may be ordered by visiting the website https://www.Nutridyn.com/. You will need to register under our account number: 703900[EN2].

Organo Gold

Organo Gold products, including the black coffee I recommend for performing coffee enemas may be purchased at the following website: http://redmountain.organogold.com/beverages/.