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Dr. Andrew June 16, 2023


With overuse of antibiotics and stressed- out, busy lives digestive issues have become an epidemic. SIBO is a challenging problem that is very difficult to treat because it is caused by several issues happening at once. Using traditional medical methods has proven to be ineffective at solving this digestion problem. This plan will give you the necessary tools and the latest research to solve SIBO naturally and prevent it from coming back.

Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth

Prevent and Eliminate

SIBO naturally

  • In this plan you will learn the main causes of this common gut problem & the most effective diet for dealing with SIBO issues.
  • It is clear from your symptoms, history and/or lab testing that your body is dealing with an imbalance of bacteria and microorganisms in the intestines. This bacteria poses a real threat to your long-term health as it causes malnutrition and vitamin imbalances.
  • The bacteria are living where they don’t belong, in your small intestine. They are consuming your food, vitamins, supplements and the like and releasing toxic by-product. Under normal circumstances we gain strength and healing from the food we eat; when SIBO is present we don’t benefit in the same way.
  • Having this imbalance in the gut leads to malnutrition, which causes other problems like hypoglycemia, sleep problems, anxiety/depression, and a host of other chronic conditions.