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    My 18 year old son Ayden has severe sleep apnea due to enlarged tonsils (3+), adenoids, turbinates and a deviated septum. This was discovered 4 weeks ago when I shared a hotel room with him for the first time in years. I was woken up several times per night because Ayden was struggling to breathe. Surgery has been recommended by 2 separate ENTs.

    Ayden has always been VERY healthy. He was born at home, was breastfed for 2.5 years and was rarely sick as a child. His diet consisted primarily of organic, whole, GFDF foods until he became a teenager 🙁 His diet currently sucks but he is very active and fit and works out at least 5 days per week.

    While Ayden would appear very healthy to most, I would say that in the past 2 years, he has struggled with very mild symptoms of anxiety, difficulty concentrating, difficulty waking up in the morning and mild muscle and joint pain.

    Ayden’s younger brother was diagnosed with postinfectious/autoimmune encephalitis less than a year ago. This is what prompted me to request some of the attached labs. It turns out that Ayden may have the same underlying infections that triggered the immune dysregulation in my younger son.

    My thought is that we need to address the infections first? How aggressively would you treat these infections (pharmaceuticals vs herbs)?

    We have eliminated gluten and are working on healing Ayden’s gut (Gut restore, L-Glutamine, GI Defend). What am I missing? What are your thoughts on BPC157 for both brain and gut barrier repair?

    What additional testing would you recommend at this point (KBMO? OAT? Cunningham Panel/Neural Zoomer)?

    Thoughts on Ayden’s SNPS?

    There is autoimmunity on both sides: paternal uncle and grandfather have MS, maternal aunt has MCTD.

    I would be so grateful for your insight 💚

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  • Dr. Andrew

    December 14, 2023 at 8:52 pm

    From Marsha M.:

    38-year-old obese male that has been on the SIBO/SIFO protocol and is now transitioning off. Now recommending Everyday Essentials for Men , as well as adding in Lipoflow with his Pan5X and HCL. He has never had any methylation support… Is it too much to start the methylated multivitamin AND Lipoflow at the same time being that they are both methyl donors or should I start one first?

    26-year-old female 18 weeks pregnant but the placenta is positioned “below” the baby? Is there anything to do using AK/functional medicine to correct this and get the placenta to move into a better position? Concerned that the baby is not getting proper nutrition due to the position of the placenta.

    More urgent question than the other two if you need to pick one…

    The 26-year-old female that is 18 weeks pregnant just received news of slight inflammation on the right ventricle around the choroid plexus. This is my patient who is on Everyday Essentials Pregnancy as well as Lipo flow due to MTHFR snps both parents. Is this a cause for concern and any treatment that I can intervene with?

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    December 15, 2023 at 4:14 pm

    Leaky Gut, Leaky Brain, Leaky Lungs; poor sleep and restricted airway leading to immune breakdown in young, fit healthy athlete; 80% rule of stress;

    Zoom Link:


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