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    Histamine + Estrogen Connection; Salt/Sodium stabilizing mast cells and blocking histamine receptors; Balancing estrogen when levels are low; Raising adrenal output with CARPET BOMBING technique

    Zoom Cloud Recording: https://us06web.zoom.us/rec/share/ZpGZR1g30UwwuFHix4dkjufdWRYiOBZdlkYSV5iINA65QmP0Ege2WxvKRAFk-Mg5.FTxkbOy00820n1hL

    Dr. Jess DUTCH TEST:

    I3C Plus – 1 BID

    Calcium D Glucorate – 1 BID
    EstroBalance – 1 BID


    In order to support improved adrenal function, we are going to saturate your chemistry with nutrients, herbs, adaptogens and pro-hormones to help increase output from your adrenal glands. To achieve this we are going to have you taking 4 products, but take one per hour, rotating each hour starting when you wake up and ending about 2-3pm in the afternoon. For example starting at 7am, you take product 1; at 8am product 2; 9am product 3; 10am product 5; and then at 11am you start over with product 1 and so and so forth until you’ve taken each one twice.

    6am Adrenal RENEW – (2) BID

    7am Licorice Complex – (2) BID

    8am Liposomal DHEA – 15mg BID

    9am Adrenal B1B6 – (1) BID

    10am Adrenal RENEW – (2) BID

    11am Licorice Complex – (2) BID

    12am Liposomal DHEA – 15mg BID

    1pm Adrenal B1B6 – (1) BID

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