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    Glutamine, WBC growth, Enterocyte/epithelial cell growth; catabolic protein loss; intermittent fasting and low protein intake consequences;

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    Marsha Questions:

    1. Causes of hair loss in women?
    -Hormonal testosterone>DHT via 5 alpha
    -Poor gut health (leaky gut) and poor nutrient absorption
    -Other possibilities?

    2. 60 year old female with recent hair loss due to lichen planopilaris but also has extremely dry hair and c/o feeling dry “inside her body”. She is terrified of gaining weight and correlates eating fats with gaining fat despite multiple coaching attempts. Lacking fatty acids due to poor intake of fats? Would this also affect poor intake of fatty acids into mitochondria?…..she c/o extreme fatigue.

    Gross Malnutrition – will deplete amino acids, minerals, vitamins and cofactors. The body will eliminate non-essential pathways (hair, nails, teeth, skin, etc. ) as it cannibalizes itself.

    FUT2 support (GI Restore), GI Defend (immunoglobulins), L-Glutamine 20g QD divided dose, follow up with CMP blood work for nitrogen levels (Kidney) and perform daily urinalysis to monitor protein spills, Hair/Skin/Nails

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