• Dr. Andrew

    January 11, 2024 at 9:14 pm

    CC – mood/brain/emotional control

    HISTORY – reaction to DTAP vaccine, significant reaction; had a tongue tie and had it surgically treated as an infant

    UPPER RESPIRATORY – sinus, coughing, difficulty breathing..ended up on antibiotics (Amoxicillin) for 8 days; given a liquid steroid and this made him really aggressive;

    SUPPLEMENTS – Black walnut hull (Supreme Nutrition); Zeolite spray (touchstone essentials); Elderberry; Magnesium (taking it for 3 days);

    BEHAVIORAL ISSUES – Impulsive, difficulty listening to teachers,

    SLEEP – doesn’t sleep through the night; wakes up about 2:00-4:00am; takes him 20 minutes to fall asleep, will NOT Fall asleep quickly;


    Breakfast – eggs, pancakes, fruit

    snacking – will snack, organic whole food snacks

    Lunch – kid food, organic macarroni

    snacking -same snacking pattern

    Dinner – organic meat, veggie and starch;

    TONGUE – red tip, NAF
    NAILS – white spots

    Short Food and Chemical Sensitivity

    Patient Name: Charlie

    Date: 11/21/2023

    Food and Food Toxins: n/a

    Heavy Metals: Nickel

    Fungal: Fungal 2, Fungal 3

    Parasites: Mixed Chlamydia

    Miscellaneous: n/a

    Toxins: n/a

    Bacteria: Bacteria 2, Babesia, SIBO

    Virus: Mixed Virus 1

    Biofilms: n/a

    Lipids: n/a

    Coagulation: n/a

    – Cranial Back
    – Cervical Back
    – Thoracic
    – Lumbar Back
    – Sacrum
    – Coccyx
    – Rib Back Left

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