• Leah

    March 15, 2024 at 1:31 am

    16 year old suffering from neuropsychiatric symptoms…dissociated/out of body feeling, impulsive and dangerous behaviors. Identified substance and alcohol abuse in 2022. Constant nicotine use via vape.

    From Mom:

    As a newborn & infant very sensitive tummy. Needed a special formula. We were told that he wasn’t getting enough breast milk.

    Chronic ear infections since an infant. 2 ear tube surgeries. With each infection antibiotics, sometimes 2 rounds.

    Chronic strep throat. Antibiotics each time. In 1st grade adenoids & tonsils removed. Strep throat 3 times since removal. 2 of the times were this year with the 2nd positive test a few days after the first round of antibiotic was started.

    2013 ski accident. In a tight tuck he hit a chairlift tower with his head (helmet on). Resulted in a collapsed lung & 5 days in the ICU. We were not told that he had any damage to his brain and showed no signs of concussion. We also didn’t know to ask.

    Began meds for ADHD in 3rd grade. Meds changed multiple times since. Currently on Vyvanse and Klonipin.