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In these modules, I will walk you through what is the priority to address first and why. I will show you the science and then show you the protocols and testing you need to solve the problem. We start with a series of 12 Foundational Courses we call “the 80%” as roughly 80% of the health challenges you will see in practice fall into these categories. Most of these issues are common and almost every patient can benefit from addressing them. It is the “Start here” for functional patient care and builds a foundation that applies to every patient you see in practice.

In these courses you will find an in-depth lesson along with shorter summaries, quick reference guides, reading assignments, quizzes and handouts for patient communication and compliance. These courses provide hard-hitting, science-based protocols that can be applied to your practice today.


In addition to science and protocols we have included helpful information about how to manage your practice, interactive events where you can troubleshoot cases, attend live seminars, and participate in active conversations with other practitioners who are implementing these tools into practice.


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Practice Management

You have to be as good at running your business as you are at healing your patients.

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